Information Technology Institute for the Tribes of India

  • - CBSE affiliated English Medium residential school from Class 6 to 12
  • - Inaugurated by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2004

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Information Technology Institute for the Tribes of India (ITITI) conducted a national tribal conference in its premises from 8 to 10 January 2011. The Conference concentrated on ‘Tribals and the challenge of Terrorism – the way out’.

Governor of Uttarakhand H.E. B.L.Joshi visited ITITI on 29th March, 2009

The Governor of Uttarakhand, Shri B.L. Joshi visited the ITITI on 29th March, 2009 at 11 am. He was a bit unwell, and had a severe pain in his right arm that was plastered, doctors attending on him had suggested to send regrets to the school and take rest, yet he chose to meet his commitment and bless the children. It was drizzling in the morning and the weather was suddenly warped in cold but with the Chief Guest came the sunshine and the umbrellas were taken off and put to a corner.

He offered flowers at the feet of Swami Vivekananda's statue and planted a Rudraksh before he was taken in the auditorium where he was warmly welcomed by students , first with a beautiful rendering of a Hindi welcome song and then by a Naga song which meant-your arrival in our village has brought peace. The opening speech on behalf of the school was delivered by our founder trustee Shri Gulab Ramchandani, followed by the vice president Shri Ashok Wasu, who thanked the Governor that in-spite of the odds he could make it possible to visit the school.

Students from Nagaland, Ladakh and Rajsathan presented a beautiful tribal artefact to the Governor and then Shri Rajesh Kalra, editor in chief, The Times of India internet and member, board of trustees, ITITI gave an inspiring presentation on the idea of the ITITI, how it began, the hurdles and the support we received from various quarters. It was quite an emotional moment when he described the early years and told that many students boarded the bus and train first time in their life, when they began their journey to reach ITITI, Dehra Dun. To provide free education, boarding and IT training on the basis of peoples' help is a gigantic task, he emphasized.

These children come from disturbed areas of North east and we aim and try to give them values to be a good Indian citizen, fully empowered to face the life as a proud member of India-family. He announced the help from Shri Arun Gulati, CMI hospital and from Aditya Birla Group, who have assured a full kit including sports material, shirts and shoes to our Football team. Also those who have wonderfully helped us like Shri Kushal Pal Singh , Smt. Chhaya Khanna, Smt. Seema Kalra,(who has gifted her Nikon -Coolpix camera to the students)Shri Manojit Sinha, Smt. Ranjana Joshi, Chand and Co. publishers,Shri Sunil Goyal, Shri Umesh, local Gram pradhans were honourable mentioned.

The Governor spoke straight from his hear. He said- “ I was given some idea about the Institute but found it to be really an inspiring and much bigger idea than I had imagined. The institute is giving values of national integration and patriotism to the students who have come here from far flung areas like Arunachal, Ladakh, and also from the most backward areas of Rajasthan. You are making these students a true Indian and I am sure one day they will make our nation proud. I have all the best wishes and appreciation for this institute where tribal children are learning good education and moral values.”

The Governor also quoted a Sanskrit shloka to emphasise that the best ideal of Indian culture has always been to serve the humanity-(neither I want heavens, nor the nirvana, but O Lord, give me strength to serve the suffering masses and mitigate their pains-the shloka meant). He was very happy to see the children and told the Institute management that they are doing a great service to help the poorer section of the society. He said that this work must gain all help and one day this small effort will become as big as a banyan tree.

The Governor also took a long tour of the campus, saw library, computer lab, science lab, and the hostel and having shared some sweets left the campus.

Our children presented a superb drama on the message of 1857 's war of independence, that was directed by Mrs. Jaya Agarwal, a senior teacher in the local St. Jude's school. The welcome song was impressive, which was prepared with the help of Ms. Jyoti Upreti, music teacher with a great talent who was sent by Smt. Chhaya Khanna , our chairperson.

Smt. Khanna also provided us the Rudraksha plant while Shri Mathur of the Krishna Nursery provided us two Banyan saplings that we have planted in the corners of the school boundary.

The gathering was good, prominent amongst those who came were Chief Conservator of Forests Shri Datta,proctor of the Petroleum University Shri Arun Dhand, ,principal Unison Public School Smt. Veena Singh, Editor , Garhwal Post Shri Satish Sharma, Wing Commander Mendiratta, (chairman of the Airforce housing society-our neighbours), a prominent philanthropist and entrepreneur Shri Arun Gulati, ( he gifted us three bore wells dug and helped to have a assurance from Dehradun’s best hospital CMI to attend all students , have them medically examined at the beginning of the session and treat students free of cost in any emergency.), director of the CMI hospital Dr. Jain, Mrs. Sushila Dobhal, former VC, Garhwal University, Shri Prem Badakoti, vice chairman, Khadi Gramodyog, Shri Suvarhan, Director, Information, Gen. 1K.K.Khanna, former Chief, Indian Military Academy, Shri Threesh Kapoor, internationally renowned photographer and chairman Uttaranchal Gramin Bank,Shri Vikas Mathur, regional head, ICICI bank.

About 250 guests and students had a sumptuous lunch on dona-pattal thalis together. The lunch was sponsored by Shri Dhand and Shri Goyal.Ms. Suman Bali, Mrs. Savita Bali and Mataji, helped immensely.

We also had a lovely young couple from Gujarat, Shri Gaurang Singh Parmar and Smt. Sapna, who had responded to our appeals for volunteers and came to ITITI for almost a month. Their presence brought a hundred mile wide smile on the faces of our children and a welcome sweet change was felt in the atmosphere. We hope, and they too have assured, that they will come again, when the new session begins.

The principal Shri J.P.Pokhriyal worked wonderfully with his team-Shri Sandip, Shri Susheel, Ms. Manjula, Ms. Shalini and Mrs.Bharati and Shri Tiwari, hostel in-charge. Shri Bharat Vashishtha, Senior advocate, High Court and our projects in-charge was a moving force behind all the workers and friends. The food was highly appreciated, thanks to the efforts of Shri Rakesh Chalga and his wife Smt. Punam. Smt. Anjali Verma, academician and state vice gen secy., Rashtra Sewika Samiti, Shelly Kamboj and their team members helped in organisation and coordination of the event.