So how can you contribute to ITITI ?

Sponsor the annual expenses incurred for 1 (or more) children
Provide Computers (250 are needed), Networking Services,  Software, Educational CD’s, Internet Access, and other IT equipment/services that will be needed at ITITI

ITITI is committed to providing free education from classes VI-X and currently students from 17 tribes across northern India are studying at the Institute. If our educational programme has appealed to you and convinced you of its potential benefits to tribal youth, we invite you to support us. You may choose to:

1. contribute to the development of the Institute’s facilities and its educational programme
2. sponsor as many students as you can

We have estimated the cost per child to be Rs. 30,000 per year. This includes

* Library facilities
* Computers, accessories and software for the IT Programme
* Science Laboratories
* Sports facilities and events
* Health facilities
* Organizing Socio-cultural activities for personality development

Send your donations to: ITITI, Keshav Vidya Nagar, Village Jhajhra, Dehra Dun, PIN 248007, INDIA


We seeks Volunteers who can teach, mentor and assist students.
We also seek volunteers who can help build the curriculum and improve it from time to time, to incorporate the latest developments.

Contact Us

The Principal
Keshav Vidya Nagar
Village Jhajhra, Dehra Dun
PIN 248007

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